Transitioning from the industry back to academia. Current focus:

  1. Equilibrium impacts of new technologies in electricity markets.
  2. Role of incumbents and market power in energy transitions.
  3. Market impacts of environmental regulation and the design of efficient policies.

General interests: applied microeconomics, empirical industrial organization, and resource and environmental economics.


An Art-Science production. Because why not?

Recently published

“Gone with the Wind? An Empirical Analysis of the Renewable Energy Rent Transfer”, 2020, with Matti Liski, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Working papers

“Ownership and Collusive Exit: Theory and a Case of Nuclear Phase-out”

Version: June 29, 2018

with Matti Liski

“Impact of renewables to generation adequacy: Data-driven approach”

Version: October 21, 2019

Work in progress

“Do consumers gain when new technologies improve the efficiency of goods trade?” (with Matti Liski)

“The economic-regulatory stalemate of small hydropower in Finland” (with Janne Artell, Antti Belinskij and Antti Iho)

“From utilities to platforms” (with Petri Kuoppamäki and Matti Liski)

“What is water? On the behavior of electricity prices with hydropower storage (with Markku Kallio)”


Digital markets (link)

Energy and Environmental Economics (link)




Iivo Vehviläinen

Aalto University, Department of Economics

Helsinki Graduate School of Economics

Helsinki, Finland

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