Current focus on three themes related to the ongoing energy transition:

  1. The impact of renewable energy to electricity markets: How does wind power affect hydro dominated Nordic market?
  2. How will the incumbent utilities react, nuclear power in Sweden in particular?
  3. What is the economic viability and distributional impact of demand side technologies, such as demand response and battery storage?

Working papers

“Gone with the Wind? An Empirical Analysis of the Renewable Energy Rent Transfer”

Version: June 29, 2018

with Matti Liski

“Ownership and Collusive Exit: Theory and a Case of Nuclear Phase-out”

Version: June 7, 2018

with Matti Liski

Work in progress

“Dynamic pricing of electricity: money on the table?” (with Matti Liski)

“What is water? On the behavior of electricity prices with hydropower storage”

“When the wind blows – how to measure the effect of intermittent renewables to power system relaibility”




Iivo Vehviläinen

Aalto University

Department of Economics

Helsinki, Finland

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